How Maja went from Instagram to New York City. Maja Djordjevic, artist from Belgrade, recently came back from NY to her hometown. She tells us stories and draws for us and swings her hands in joy. She got to experience the unexpected in New York, and we applaud her.

How did you get a visa?

Well, dear Milica, I got a DM on Instagram (@majadjordjevic_ ) last summer, asking me if I wanted to take part in a group exhibition, called “Booby trap”, in The Hole gallery in New York. I was shocked at first. I read it over and over again, googled the gallery, wrote up an answer then deleted it. Of course, I sent them my work and it ended up in Manhattan among artists whose work I’m a fan of for a long time. After that, I got an offer for a solo exhibition, two-person show with artist Anja Salonen from LA. This time I had to come along to make sure it’s actually happening! I ran to get a visa, I mailed the paintings, made press releases for the museum, and me and Emir Sehanovic hopped on a plane for New York. The exhibition, called “Body building”, opened on February 17th and lasted ‘till March 26th.

Another artist in NY? Don’t you think they have enough of you there?

You know, Milica, for 3 weeks I asked myself – why me, out of all the artists out there.
And I guess every piece of art finds its way home  😀 

What did you draw for them?

Maja’s exibition in The Hole NYC

Maja’s paintings, The Hole, NYC; oil and enamel on canvas


What were your expectations of NY before you arrived there?

Because I had to finish all my pieces on short notice, I didn’t have the time to think about anything, nor did I manage to prepare. Maybe its for the better. I just went with the flow and I definitely fell in love with NY.

What are you thinking about now that you’re back?

I am thinking about going back there.

Your top three picks for New York at first sight?

1. MomaPS1! (I was lucky there was exibition of Mark Leckeya “Containers and Their Drivers”):

2. Cattelan’s toilet at the Guggenheim (I finally saw his work in person!):

Golden pants to match America

3. Indian restaurant Panna II Garden (make sure to lie that it’s your birthday):

Your favourite New York artist?

Misaki Kawai 
Austin Lee
I’m so happy I got to see the work of artists I admire, and even met some of them!

MAJA with Austin Lee in his Brooklyn studio

Your New York street style?

This is definitely my favorite outfit:

Dolce & Gabbana from mom

My mom said she dreamed about me wearing this dress at the opening. She bought it for me just before I left because she knows I’ve been eyeing it for quite some time. She’s so sweet!

So you experienced NY. Can you die happy now?

Now? No way. Its only the beginning. #MajainTokyo!

Should you stay or should you go?

My experience so far shows that opportunities seem to find me, not the other way around. I don’t doubt that my work will take me to all the right places, maybe I get another call from New York.

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