It’s hard to imagine a place more visually challenging, provocative and pleasing than the Venice Art Biennale. During summer, social media fills up with different impressions from visitors of the spectacle – one that traditionally became a “must-see”. With a few days left before it’s closing, instead of reviews and opposing theoretical discussions of this year’s selection, we offer the photogrphic story of Katarina Markovic, who visited the Biennale last August and is sharing her visual impressions with the readers of MILICA Magazine.

Katarina Markovic is a visual artist from Belgrade whose work focuses on photography and short video forms. So far she was featured several group exhibitions in Serbia and abroad. She is a final year student at the Faculty of Media and Communication, Department of Digital Art, part of the multidisciplinary art organization Logic Art Space and photo editor here at MILICA magazine.



Ernesto Neto, Dua busen spirit


Petrit Halilaj, Do you realise there is a rainbow even if it’s night


Lee Mingwei, The Mending Project


Lorenzo Quinn, Support


Martin Cordiano, Common Places


Maria Lai, Enclicopedia Pane


Zilla Sanchez, Las Troyanas






South Korean Pavillon, Cody Choi and Lee Wan, Proper Time


Japan Pavillon, Takahiro Iwasaki, Turned upside down It’s a forest




French Pavillon, Xavier Velihan, Studio Venezia


Canada Pavillon, Geoffrey Farmer, A way out of the Mirror


Azerbaijan Pavillon, HYPNOTICA Visual Performance Group, Elvin Nabizade, Under One Sun. The Art of Living Together


PERSONAL STRUCTURES open borders exhibition, Yoko Ono, Mirror image



Russian Pavillon, Theatrum Orbis




Italian Pavillon, Il mondo magico, Roberto Cuoghi, Adelita Husni-Bay, Giorgio Andreotta Calo


Lani Maestro, The Spectre of Comparison, Philippine


PUGAD, Raffy Napay