Soup noodles are a classic cooking story around here, and the main character is always a loving grandma. In search of the century-old family recipe for homemade soup noodles, we visited Granny Mira, who showed us how they’re made.

Granny Mira is from Becej, a city in northwest Vojvodina famous for it’s sweet and savory doughs and pastries. Her father was a painter and a sculptor, her mother a typist at the Executive Council of Vojvodina. Due to her parents’ early divorce, Mira stayed with her grandparents until she got married, at 22. While she was still a little girl, she was taught the secrets of the culinary craft by her grandmother, and later passed them on to her own daughters and granddaughters, as well as the occasional curious cousin or neighbor. In addition to cooking techniques, granny Mira also mastered cost-saving and points out the importance of homemade food, and especially lunch- when all the family comes together. And what would lunch be without soup? But before soup- noodles! Soup noodles are a dried and can be kept for a long time. They’re usually made in larger quantities, since the process is quite demanding.

Mira notes that making homemade noodles is not a job for one. It’s family teamwork, and makes for a great opportunity to get together and learn something new! Since nothing can compete with a grandmothers’ cooking, MILICA magazine shares this traditional recipe.

*Note: If you’re a fan of homemade pasta, you absolutely need to invest in s pasta maker. Put it on your wishlist.



6 eggs

600 g flour

Half an eggshell of water



Mix ingredients together to form a dough, then divide into three balls. Cover with a cloth and let rest and soften.

(Granny Mira keeps repeating it’s important all the parts look nice, and are properly formed)

Roll out the dough into a circle, about 3mm thick, and cut into strips.

Pull each strip through the smooth roller of the pasta machine ten times. Leave them on a cloth to dry, turning occasionally.

When the strips are well-dried, pull through the cutting roller. Alternatively, you can cut the noodles by hand with a very sharp knife, and even into various shapes.

Place the noodles back on a cloth and let dry for one day, occasionally sifting with a fork. Keep covered overnight with another dry cloth.

Granny Mira point out the most important thing for well-made noodles are quality ingredients, love, and patience. And since you already put so much effort into making the noodles, you should serve a homemade soup as soon as you can!