Although we’re already focusing on the prospects and deadlines coming up in 2018, the holidays are a time to stop, take a break, look back (and celebrate!) before moving forward.

In the holiday edition of MILICA magazine we’ll be presenting several summaries of 2017: Andrea Jovanovic writes about events that contributed to the feminization of society in the politically turbulent year behind us, Ana Dajic makes a yearly playlist, Masa Senicic makea a selection of movies and TV shows, and Dunja Jovanovic and Marija Radakovic take us back to the moments that made a mark on the fashion scene.

2017 was the year MILICA magazine was born. Our domain,, went live on Women’s Day, as a place to celebrate the breakthrough of female principles in everyday life, art and society: from the Women’s March, Arab women winning over the right to drive, Dior’s “The Future is Female” and “We should all be feminists” t-shirts, the election of Ana Brnabic as prime minister, The Handmaid’s Tale, the drafts of the new gender equality law, Bojana Vuntruisevic’s new album, the #metoo campaign, Mila’s Turajlić latest documetary movie – to “feminism” being announced as word of the year. As we celebrate these breakthroughs of women everywhere, we ask ourselves wether they indicate a new wave of feminism that promises a different world, or a pompous but passing trend. That’s something we’ll find out in the years ahead.

In holiday spirit, we’re also announcing the direction of our mission in 2018, which will begin with the publication of Chimamande Ngozi Adichi’s We should all be feminists in January. By publishing and promoting this world famous book, we want to pass on the message that feminism is for everyone, and that all of us together, both men and women, can and should do better to make a world in which we’ll all have equal rights and opportunity. Most of all, this project, as well as the ones we have planned for the future, stand to turn our website into a show of MILICA Magazine’s concrete actions.

The upcoming holidays are a chance to celebrate, spend time with family and friends, exchange presents, kind words and support. Christmas and New Years Eve go along great with knitted sweaters, a warm fireplace, cinnamon cookies, board games, bells, long walks, hand-written letters and family viewings of It’s a Wonderful Life. It’d be a platitudinous recommendation if it weren’t for the fact that we all live in Pottersville. This way, it just serves as a reminder that a wonderful life is still attainable.

Happy holidays!

* The imaginary city from It’s a Wonderful Life, ruled by the rich and unscrupulous Mr Potter.