“Babylon The Great” is a new exhibition of artist Ivana Ivković, opened on October 27 at Laufer Eugster Gallery in Belgrade.

Social choreography performed at the opening contains twelve men standing and moving on a roughly set scaffolding construction, evoking the Tower of Babylon, with artificial snow falling. Quite a wondrous and monumental scene!

After opening, the performance will be broadcast on monitors mounted on the construction that dominates the imposing gallery space.

The exhibition is a continuation of Ivana’s work presented at 56th October Salon last year. Large-format tapestries evoke the scene of Dormitory, where the artist uses the photographic documentation of last year’s perfomance as a template for weaving. The woven text on the tapestries are the lyrics of Hanka Paldum’s folk song, “You asked for everything, I gave you everything”.

The exhibition is open until November 18, and you can visit it on Saturdays from 2 pm to 6 pm at the Laufer Eugster Gallery.

“The practice of Ivana Ivković develops around a constant dialogue with the personal, emotional experience of the artist and is based on examining and reassessing not only the lived and tangible experience, but also the experience located in the domain of desired, imaginary and unfulfilled, thereby posing a question about the comlexity of intimacy as a space of exposure and hiding, enjoying through the other and discovering loneliness.” art critic, Ana Bogdanović

“In this work I deal with sensitivity of communication, as well as the connection, or disconnection of the individual with others and with oneself.”