vrati se nazad

Are you a feminist?

I’m humane

What do you consider the most feminine about you?

My sense of humor and my lips

What do you first think of when you hear the word «red»?


How do you mostly qualify other women? (marital status, profession, looks, etc)

By their humanity

What do you judge other women for? And yourself?

For being inhumane

In what circumstances does money really matter?

When I don’t have any

A book to keep under your pillow?

Sounds really uncomfortable

A quick recepie for surprise guests?

Frittata, pictionary and playing a record

How many abortions have you (or haven’t) had?


What would you be if you were a piece of furniture?

A chandelier

Whom do you consider your biggest authority?

My dad

What do you talk about, when you talk about sex?


Who or what do you like to gossip about?

Everyone from politicians to people who cut me off in line

What is your most daring fashion item?

I think all clothing is trivial.

Have you ever been a victim of violence?


What’s the rudest question to ask a women?

I think there are no rude questions, but maybe questions asked with bad intentions.

If you could choose, what woman would you confide in?

To Lucija

Have you ever gained or lost something – specifically for being a woman?

Not yet

How to you deal with your daily rutine and remain satisfied?

Eyes wide open and trying to notice things people usually miss. Enjoy the small disasters.

What is every woman’s greatest challenge?

Shaving their ankles.

If a movie about you was to be made, who would play you?

Someone talented

What music will be played at your funeral?

Erik Satie