vrati se nazad


Are you a feminist?

I am, in a self-criticizing way

What do you consider the most feminine about you?

My ability to get organized and multitask

What do you first think of  when you hear the word «red»?


How do you mostly qualify other women? (marital status, profession, looks, etc)

By how independent they are, by their sensibility

What do you judge other women for? And yourself?

Other women – for becoming too old-fashioned, too soon; Me – for being addicted to comfort

In what circumstances does money really matter?

When you need it for an art project 🙂

A book to keep under your pillow?


A quick recipe for surprise guests?

Bruschetta with olive oil, tomatoes and salmon

How many abortions have you (or haven’t) had?

I did not

What would you be if you were a piece of furniture?

Haha – maybe a piano

Who do you consider your biggest authority?

He who gave us light

What do you talk about, when you talk about sex?

Skills and flexibility 🙂 (ovo je onaj odgovor sa kojim nisam znala sta da radim, original je Da li je u pitanju zena od gume i covek koji ume ili covek/stena – zena/pena  pa ako neko zeli da se oproba…)

Who or what do you like to gossip about?

People in my circle- to gossip is to care about someone, as the Greek would say

What is your most daring fashion item?

A killer pair of shorts

Have you ever been a victim of violence?

Absolutely not

What’s the rudest question to ask a women?

If their best friend is prettier or more successful

If you could choose, what woman would you confide in?

My mom

Have you ever gained or lost something – specifically for being a woman?

Many times, both

How to you deal with your daily routine and remain satisfied?

Learning to love these little life challenges from dusk till dawn

What is every woman’s greatest challenge?

To lead a project or a company or to only have male children and remain soft


If a movie about you was to be made, who would play you?

Maybe Rooney Mara

What music will be played at your funeral?

The Paschal troparion would be okay