vrati se nazad

Are you a feminist?

Yes, though I have to point out I’m most interested in Marxist feminism

What do you consider the most feminine about you?

I have an issue with the concept of femininity, I think it entails a lot of what society, in a particular moment in history imposes as “feminine” or “masculine”, and that should be talked about and fought against.

What do you first think of when you hear the word «red»?

A flag. Like maybe the one Charlie Chaplin carries in Modern Times

How do you mostly qualify other women? (marital status, profession, looks, etc)

Well, class. If they’re someone I spend time with, then character

What do you judge other women for? And yourself?

I try not to judge

In what circumstances does money really matter?

As long as we live under capitalism, it always matters

A book to keep under your pillow?

Under your pillow? Seems uncomfortable  😀 

A quick recepie for surprise guests?

If I have the ingredients: corn muffins with cheese and rosemary. If I don’t have anything, and that often happens – water.

How many abortions have you (or haven’t) had?


What would you be if you were a piece of furniture?

A comfortable reading chair

Whom do you consider your biggest authority?

All my friends

What do you talk about, when you talk about sex?

I talk privately, with my boyfriend

Who or what do you like to gossip about?

I don’t

What is your most daring fashion item?

A blonde wig, I don’t wear it, I just keep it

Have you ever been a victim of violence?

Direct violence, in the sense of getting hit, no. But I lived in war, and that’s violence. There are also more “subtle” forms of violence that I think we all fall victim to. Like for example, when my college professor says me and my colleagues are here on account of our nice little legs, that won’t last for ever and will soon have cellulite. That’s a form of violence as well.

What’s the rudest question to ask a women?

Anything with sexist connotations

If you could choose, what woman would you confide in?

I confide in my best friends, and I wouldn’t change that

Have you ever gained or lost something – specifically for being a woman?

I probably get a gift here and there, for being a woman, but I think we all lose a lot just by being women who live under patriarchal capitalism

How to you deal with your daily routine and remain satisfied?

I think all these little tips and tricks about how to live happily, what to eat, exercise, these “hacks” for spiritual peace, they’re shared by upper class women and are rarely something lower class women can implement

What is every woman’s greatest challenge?

Just being a woman in patriarchal capitalism

If a movie about you was to be made, who would play you?

I really don’t know

What music will be played at your funeral?

I hope not to have a funeral but to be burned, or for my body to be given to science