vrati se nazad

Are you a feminist?

I’m for equality, but not in everything, so that means no (or a little bit)

What do you consider the most feminine about you?

My smile

What do you first think of when you hear the word «red»?

A matchbox

How do you mostly qualify other women? (marital status, profession, looks, etc)

By their profession

What do you judge other women for? And yourself?

A lack of solidarity among women, a lack of tolerance and patience, vanity. Underestimating other women. Being impatient is a great flaw of mine, but I’m learning. I try my best.

In what circumstances does money really matter?

It’s very important, and should be a measure of your work, but that’s not the case here. Normal people use it as a kind of motivation for progress

A book to keep under your pillow?

All the Sherlock Holmes books by Arthur Conan Doyle

A quick recipe for surprise guests?

Spaghetti with pancetta, bacon, and whatever’s in the fridge

How many abortions have you (or haven’t) had?

I had one (I got chickenpox while pregnant)

What would you be if you were a piece of furniture?

An armchair

Whom do you consider your biggest authority?

My mother

What do you talk about, when you talk about sex?

I rarely talk about sex, it’s very intimate for me, I don’t feel the need to. When someone says the word “sex” I often think about kissing.

Who or what do you like to gossip about?

Both men and women equally, their actions, different situations- usually it’s something funny, I like imitating people

What is your most daring fashion item?

I still don’t have a backless dress…

Have you ever been a victim of violence?


What’s the rudest question to ask a women?

There’s a lot…usually they begin with a catcall

If you could choose, what woman would you confide in?

Some of my friends

Have you ever gained or lost something – specifically for being a woman?

I have both gained and lost, depending on who I was working with at the moment

How to you deal with your daily routine and remain satisfied?

By doing what I love, not paying attention to what people say and listening to my instinct (it helped me a lot)

What is every woman’s greatest challenge?

Being a good mother, raising children to be honest, diligent and righteous. Learning to appreciate herself and other people

If a movie about you was to be made, who would play you?

Anica Dobra

What music will be played at your funeral?

“A sad adio”